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Clover High School

Athletic Training Facilities

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for Athletic Training Staff, Students and Visitors

**CDC Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Healthcare Personnel During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic, July 2020.



Daily Safety Guidelines

  1. All staff and student aides will complete a symptom screening when reporting for work at the athletic training facility (ATF).
    1. Anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and or a fever of  >100.3 will not be allowed to enter the ATF.
    2. In accordance with SCHSL guidelines, athletes will complete a daily symptom screening with their coach upon arrival to their practice facility.


  1. We utilize a “no germs in, no germs out” infection control policy.
    1. AT staff and student aides will perform hand hygiene upon entry to the ATF.
    2. AT staff and student aides will use hand sanitizer when exiting the ATF.
    3. All visitors to the ATF, athletes, coaches, CHS staff, etc., must use hand sanitizer upon entry and exiting the facility.
    4. Hand sanitizer is located at all entrances to the ATF.


  1. AT staff and student aides must wear facemasks at all times.  This includes while in the ATF and when in attendance at a practice or game.


  1. Athletic training student aides will be provided with a procedure mask to wear while on duty.  Students may change into their cloth face covering upon exiting the ATF to go home.


  1. When providing or assisting with direct patient care, all AT staff and student aides must do the following:
    1. Perform hand hygiene
    2. Don gloves
    3. Don eye protection (glasses or shield).
    4. Dispose of gloves and used materials in the appropriate trash or medical receptacle.
    5. Sanitize all used tables, surfaces and equipment.
    6. Perform hand hygiene


  1. AT staff and student aides will implement physical distancing of 6 feet apart when not involved in direct patient care.


  1. AT staff and student aides will be provided with all the necessary PPE (masks, hand sanitizer, soap, gloves, eye protection, isolation gowns).

Tables and Equipment

  1. All tables, surfaces and equipment will be wiped down and sanitized after each use.


  1. AT staff and student aides should don gloves before wiping down equipment.


Ice Machines

  1. AT staff and student aides are the only personnel allowed access to the ice machines.


  1. All AT staff and student aides should perform hand hygiene before opening the ice machine and/or making an ice bag.


  1. Anyone needing to fill chest coolers with ice or make an ice bag must get assistance from the AT staff or student aides.


  1. The ice scoop should be sanitized after each use.


Whirlpools and Cold Tubs

  1. Whirlpools and cold tubs must be drained, sanitized and re-set after each use. 


  1. Use of the whirlpools and cold tubs must also follow physical distancing guidelines.



  1. AT staff and student aides must don gloves when placing soiled towels, hydrocollator covers, elastic wraps, etc., in the washing machine.


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